Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in January, on one of many days when declines in energy stocks were led by the plunging price in oil.

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Investors from foundations, endowments, and faith groups from across the country are in Denver this week to promote fossil fuel divestment, or refusing to buy stocks in coal, oil, and gas companies. Inspired in part by the campaign to pressure South Africa in the 1980s to end apartheid, these activists want investors to pull out of companies whose products are linked to global warming and climate change. In Colorado, Naropa University and the City of Boulder have both committed to the concept.
Two supporters of the effort, John Powers of The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, and Ellen Dorsey, of the Wallace Global Fund, spoke to Ryan Warner about their campaign. (Colorado Matters is planning interviews with opponents for the near future.)