Steven Cole Hughes (Adriano), center, with Lindsey Kyler (Dromia of Syracuse), left, and Carolyn Holding (Antiphola of Syracuse) in Colorado Shakespeare Festival's 2016 production of "The Comedy of Errors."

(Courtesy Jennifer M. Koskinen)

William Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" is the story of mistaken identities, as a city is thrown into chaos when two sets of twins unintentionally cause confusion. The Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder adds some additional twists this summer. The traditionally male leads are played by women and this production is set in 1930s Paris.

"The Comedy of Errors" runs through Aug. 7 at the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

Lindsey Kyler as Dromia of Syracuse in Colorado Shakespeare Festival's "The Comedy of Errors."

(Courtesy Jennifer M Koskinen)

Geoffrey Kent directed the play, and Lindsey Kyler stars in it as Dromia of Syracuse. They spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.