Millions of dollars from a newly-announced federal grant will employ about 230 Coloradans to work on post-flood road repairs and other tasks.

(Photo: Courtesy of Steve Mort)

Colorado is hiring temporary workers to help with post-flood rebuilding efforts, supported by a $4.6 million federal grant. 

The grant, announced on Monday, will put about 230 people to work on road repairs and restoring trails and playgrounds.  

Bill Thoennes with the state labor department says positions involving non-manual labor are available, too.

"Other candidates are being recruited for a variety of humanitarian jobs, even some administrative workers will be needed," Thoennes said. "So it’s not just people who would be physically able to do some fairly strenuous manual work."

The jobs will last six months with earning potential up to $12,000. Anyone who needs work can apply for the jobs, with preference given to veterans and those who have been jobless for significantly long periods.