Ivy Baldwin, from Eldorado Springs, crossed Eldorado Canyon dozens of times. This postcard made prior to 1919 dubs the above-pictured walk -- 582 feet above the ground and 530-feet across -- as the "greatest" in world history. 

(Courtesy of Stephen White)

Forget the smooth talking guy selling beer on television. Our vote for the most interesting man in the world is the late Ivy Baldwin, a death-defier many times over.

As a boy in the mid-1800s, Baldwin ran away from home and joined the circus. He eventually wound up in Colorado where he awed crowds as a funambulist, or high-wire walker, who crossed Eldorado Canyon dozens of times, and kept at it well into his 80s. Baldwin was also the first person to fly a powered aircraft in Colorado. He was even big in Japan, performing a hot-air balloon act for the emperor.

Denver writer Stephen White, who has a fascination for Baldwin, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.