From "I Am Lyons", residents on how their house was lost in the flood: "We want to go home, but we can’t go home, because we don’t have a home, but we want to go home." 

(Photo: Courtesy of Kenneth Wajda)

Photographer Kenneth Wajda started a photo-blog this year about the people of Lyons. He’s turned his work into a book being released this week.

He thought the “I Am Lyons, Colorado” project would get him out into the community. But he also wanted to help people connect with their neighbors in the foothills town.

He’s taken dozens of pictures of townspeople  just going about their everyday lives.

From "I Am Lyons":  "I watered these plants all summer.  Might as well keep watering them," says one man who had to vacate his home after it was damaged by the flood.


(Photo: Courtesy of Kenneth Wajda)

The massive flooding that hit Lyons on September 11th changed those lives. It wrecked homes and businesses, and cut off the town from the much of the surrounding area.   

But Wajda continued his work and captured images of residents responding to the destruction, even as he himself had to evacuate his home.