(Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Publishing)

Robert Andrew Powell hates to run, but he wanted to prove that he could become an accomplished runner if he tried. So, at the age of 39, he set a goal to run the Boston Marathon, and to qualify for it within a year.

If he achieved the feat, he would match his father -- who qualified and ran in the same marathon at the same age.

Preparing to run the marathon became a metaphor for everything else about Powell's father, like possessing a stable job and home life -- things that Powell doesn't have. By becoming a steady runner, with a training regimen and routine, maybe everything else could steady out, too, he reasoned.

To acheive the goal, Powell moved from Miami to Boulder and ingratiated himself in the local running scene. His new book, "Running Away: A Memoir," chronicles his path of discovery, including colorful descriptions of Boulder and the characters who live there.

Powell plans to sign books at the Boulder Book Store on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Read an excerpt of "Running Away: A Memoir" here.