Alex Landau, after he was beaten by police in 2009. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Alex Landau)

Denver officials are jumping into the national conversation about police violence and minority communities. Tomorrow, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will hold a forum on race and justice. And the city's police watchdog -- the office of the Independent Monitor -- will focus on improving interactions between young people and police officers.

Incidents in Missouri and New York have sparked weeks of protests. Like Michael Brown and Eric Gardner in those cities, Denver has seen police violence that has angered the community.

Alex Landau was beaten by police in Denver -- nearly to death.  One of the officers involved in the incident, Randy Murr, was originally fired from his job but then rehired.

Alex Landau, who was beaten by police in 2009, protests the rehiring of one of the officers involved in the incident. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Alex Landau)

Since the incident, Landau has been mentoring young African-Americans and Latinos about how to interact with the authorities.