Erika Randall

(Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Beahm)

"Hello, blue soul" is choreographed and performed by Erika Randall, Director of Dance at CU Boulder. The piece was recorded by Daniel Beahm.
Artist statement:
“Hello, blue soul” is a tribute to Veronica Sawyer, (aka “Blue”) of the 1988 cult classic “Heathers.” There is a moment in the film when Veronica walks, fully dressed, into the shower at school. This scene, only 20 seconds long, impacted me deeply and always read to my lusty teenage heart as a “modern dance moment.”
In my piece, I weave my memory of that scene with the description of my own very specific gestures performed in real time in the shower, juxtaposing past and present. Words and water splash around my body, shaping the aural and kinesthetic experience of the dance.

“Hello, blue soul” is inspired by this scene from the 1988 cult classic “Heathers,” starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer (aka “Blue”).

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