Wall Street Journal's senior energy reporter Russell Gold.

(Photo: Courtesy of Joel Salcido)

In a new book, Russell Gold, senior energy reporter at the The Wall Street Journal and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, says it's too late to argue over whether the country should or should not frack for oil and gas. Gold says the shale revolution is not only unstoppable, it's changing the world. 
In "The Boom," Gold says the rapid expansion of oil and gas drilling is a significant economic growth opportunity. But, he stresses, it’s necessary to build a system that works.

Gold introduces readers to green-minded Texas oilman George Mitchell, who created the first modern frack, and to Oklahoma natural gas tycoon Aubrey McClendon, who was brought down by his own success. Gold also explains early fracking experiments in Colorado and shares his personal story of how fracking affected his family's home in the Marcellus region of Pennsylvania.

Critics have hailed "The Boom" for offering balanced coverage of the environmental, geopolitical and economic effects of fracking. Read an excerpt of the book.  

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