The first official "Stompin' Ground Games" was held in the southwestern Denver neighborhood of Ruby Hill Park.

(Courtesy of LockerPartners Love Cinematography)

"A neighborhood Olympics... in the name of civic pride." That's how Evan Weissman, who founded the Denver "civic health club" Warm Cookies of the Revolution, describes his latest project. The "Stompin' Ground Games" is a friendly competition with no losers and no winners. A twist on Denver's urban development debates, it tours to a different community each month, showcasing arts and culture while exploring that area's history.

The Ruby Hill Park games included hands-on activities in addition to the live performances.

(Courtesy of LockerPartners Love Cinematography)

Opening ceremonies kicked off the series at the McNichols Building in downtown Denver last July -- and the first official games was in the southwestern neighborhood Ruby Hill Park last month. The next stop is on Saturday at Four Mile Historic Park in southeast Denver. Weissman spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about the series.

Listen to "South Fed" by "Stompin' Ground Games" official poetic scribe, Molina Speaks. The poem is  inspired by South Federal Boulevard and the Ruby Hill Park neighborhood: 

Audio: Denver poet Molina Speaks performs "South Fed"