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 A study out of the University of Southern California finds 18- to 26-year-olds are not as invincible as they or others might think when it comes to death rates and mortality. 
This age group, known as the “Young Invincibles” are viewed as essential to making the new federal law successful because they're typically healthier than older Americans and bring less risk into the overall insurance pool.
But Lawrence Neinstein, the study's author, says that young adults are at a higher risk to suffer unintentional injuries like motor vehicle accidents than those slightly younger and those slightly older. They're also more likely to have substance abuse problems and sexually transmitted diseases.
"In most areas, whether you're talking about death rates, mortality … you find that the age group 18-26 is significantly higher than the other age groups” Neinstein says. 
Neinstein says the study also found this group has the lowest perception of risk when it comes to their health and the highest number of uninsured people.