Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir at Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs on May 30, 2015. Weir attended the school as a sophomore in 1962-63, where he met John Perry Barlow, who became a close friend and Grateful Dead lyricist. 

Deadheads love to compare notes on their live recordings of the Bay Area band they idolize. Not sure where Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir's May 30 renditions of "Me And My Uncle," "Shakedown Street" and "One More Saturday Night" from Fountain Valley High School is going to fit in the pantheon, though.

Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir Performs "Shakedown Street" during his 50th class reunion at Fountain Valley High School in Colorado Springs.

It turns out that Weir attended the Colorado Springs school for sophomore year, 1962-63. He played football there, too, and in the process he met the team's waterboy, a guy named John Perry Barlow who later became one of the Dead's lyricists. 

Bob Weir performs "One More Saturday Night" at Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs.

Popular lore is that Weir got booted from Fountain Valley for smoking weed; school officials say it was really a case of general unruly behavior, according to the Colorado Springs Independent. Either way, he recently showed up for his class's 50th reunion -- and picked up a guitar for some surprise performances.

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