(photo: CPR / OpenAir)

Bands I Watched: Hillary Hand, WoolEye, Steele & Colfax, The Photo Atlas, The Echo Chamber, Wasteland Hop, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Gungor, Zach Heckendorf, Rob Drabkin, The Yawpers, Rose Quartz, Mother Falcon, Curtis Harding, Typhoon, Har Mar Superstar, Aloe Blaac, Marijuana Deathsquads 
Best New Music Discovery: Steele & Colfax
Best Food: Risotto Balls at Colorado Music Party Reception

Wow, what a day, I am filled with Colorado Pride! 

I spent 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Colorado Music Party! It was the first time I had seen some of these Colorado bands and a few of my favorites included Gungor and Steele & Colfax. It was also cool to see the crowd's response from bands I've championed for a long time like The Yawpers, The Photo Atlas, Rob Drabkin, and Zach Heckendorf. 

While my favorite Colorado musical discovery of the day was Tim Yunker's new R&B group Steele & Colfax, it was Wheelchair Sports Camp who served as my favorite stage show. The addition of Rubedo as a live band with them brings Kalyn Heffernan's already fierce rhymes to the next level! My longtime filmmaker friend Chris Bagley was on location at The 512 to film Kalyn's performance. He has been working on a documentary about her for the last few years, but he told me that each time he tries to wrap up her story through film, she keeps getting more attention! In fact, the other day, Spin Magazine debuted their new music video

After the showcase, there was a private, celebratory reception where I got to spend time with bands, sponsors, and partners of the Colorado Music Party. 
Since this is my first time in Austin, another big thing that I "had to do" was go and see the Daniel Johnston mural with Jeremiah the Innocent on it. I'm carless and its located about two miles from 6th Street, so I convinced a pedicab to take me there and take my picture and then bike me back! I also took a picture of my driver in front of the iconic mural too (THANKS THOMAS)! 

(photo: CPR / OpenAir)

I went back to the private party, we saw an airplane writing "Pi in the sky" for Pi Day along with 3.14159... My pals at Illegal Pete's were going to a church to see Portland band Typhoon so I tagged along, and we saw them along with a few other bands. Then off to Har Mar Superstar only to catch the tail end of his set, then down the street to see Aloe Blaac and then to see a bit of Polica onstage with Marijuana Deathsquads.