(Photo: courtesy of the artist)

It's not hard to imagine a bleach-voiced crooner who can be down and out and uplifting, all in the same Jack Daniels breath. The piano might be drinking, but Tom Waits has been offering a certain intense sobriety for over four decades now with songs of barely hushed despair, winter bone loneliness, and bottom-of-the-deck redemption beaming in bluesy half-notes from the closing time of the human soul.
This week on Retrofit we have Tom Waits covered, as artists big, little, and surely out-of-luck put their stamps on the guy who is just looking for the heart of Saturday night. Tune in to Tom Waits Covers, 5 p.m. Saturday, May 17 and the eggs and sausage special at noon on Sunday, May 18.
Check out some of the top Tom Waits covers below via our Spotify playlist.