Visit the OpenAir homepage, find “About” at the top and click Send Us Your Music. This page includes detailed instructions for artists and labels to submit music. 

We give everything we hear a fair listen in time, but because of the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to individually confirm receipt or submission results.  We are also unable to return any album submissions to the sender.  To check if your album has received airplay, wait at least 2 weeks from submission date and search our playlist

For best results, mail physical copies of your work or submit clear links to easily downloadable music. Background information and samples are useful, but will not result in airplay alone. We judge submissions solely based on the music and the easier you make the review process, the quicker your work might get on the radio.
Links to purchase, read about, view on YouTube, or stream songs are not submissions. Also please include any information about FCC lyric violations, and recommended tracks. No artist will be considered for a studio session visit without first sending a full music submission.