(clockwise from top left): Elvis Presley, Love, Roxy Music, M.I.A., Fiona Apple and The Smiths are just a few artists that might pop up during #OpenAirDecades.

(Photos: courtesy of the artists)

This Memorial Day join us for #OpenAirDecades, a daylong retrospective of what might have been if OpenAir had been around since the 1950s.

As you may have noticed, legacy tracks are a little different in the OpenAir. We reach past the hits and the traditional oldies to bring you the music that mattered, constantly in search of the timeless contributions that inform today's artists.  

In these hour-long decade blocks, you'll hear the familiar alongside the obscure, the unforgettable as well as the lost treasures.

Putting together 60 years of music discovery is quite a safari. Here are some pearls from the OpenAir library via our Spotify account.

Check out our #OpenAirDecades schedule below.







#OpenAirDecades on-air schedule:

5 a.m. 1950s
a.m. 1960s
a.m. 1970s
a.m. 1980s
a.m. 1990s
10 a.m. 2000s
11 a.m. 1950s
noon 1960s
1 p.m. 1970s
2 p.m. 1980s
3 p.m. 1990s
4 p.m. 2000s
5 p.m. 1950s
6 p.m. 1960s
7 p.m. 1970s
8 p.m. 1980s
9 p.m. 1990s
10 p.m. 2000s
11 p.m. 1950s