Dean Phannenstiel

Bachelor’s degree in biology, University of Northern Colorado. Broadcast engineering and electronics studies, Cleveland Institute of Electronics.
Professional background:
Dean joined Colorado Public Radio in 2005, working in information technology and engineering. He began as a technical support specialist, but was quickly brought up to speed on all things broadcast.
Since 2009, Dean has worked closely with a team of engineers to ensure CPR’s equipment and technical infrastructure, including 26 broadcast sites across the state, are providing listeners across Colorado with the best quality audio experience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure the quality and reliability of CPR’s services, Dean managed site monitoring as well as the audio chain that distributes programming to broadcast sites within CPR’s statewide network. He’s also a seasoned traveler having logged tens of thousands of miles to keep an eye on each site and repair equipment, much of which is located in remote areas of Colorado. 
Before landing at CPR, Dean worked in the banking industry, providing IT support administration and enterprise server configuration. With an interest in biology, he also spent time as a seasonal technician for the Forest Service.


Q & A

How did you end up at CPR?

I found a posting for a technical support position at Colorado Public Radio just after finishing up as a seasonal biological technician for the Forest Service. I didn’t have any radio experience, but was well versed in support and IT so I applied for the position (along with a couple hundred others I was told) and was lucky enough to make the cut. Since then, I have held a few other positions at CPR such as Windows Systems Engineer, Broadcast/IT Engineer and now Vice President of Engineering.