Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 160 6 | Ron Nielsen

Ron Nielsen, a retired state worker, lives in La Veta and volunteers for the local fire department. He said though Huerfano County is only a three-hour drive from the political center of the state, Denver, many in the area feel ignored by the state's politicians — including gubernatorial hopefuls Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis. 

"I would ask the political parties why don't they choose somebody with a different view of the state," Nielsen said. "I don't think either of the candidates that are running have a great deal of interest in the outlying areas of Colorado."

Nielsen said he voted for President Trump because he was disillusioned with political dynasties, like the Clinton and Bush families, and wanted to see a change. 

"I was looking for a change agent," he said. "My only choice was, 'well, I'll vote for Trump.' I think that's why the county turned turned red; we wanted a change. We wanted something other than politics as normal. If we had a true visionary leader I think we would have supported it another candidate. But we didn't have that." 

He's happy with some of the policy changes Trump has made, including renegotiating international trade deals. But he said he'd just as soon leave the rest of the Trump presidency behind. 

"I just wish we had a candidate that didn't have the circus around him," he said.