Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 160 5 | Lola Spradley

Lola Spradley, a Republican, is the former speaker of the Colorado House. She's retired now and lives in Huerfano County, one of the poorest in the state. She said she cares a lot about various national policy issues, but they take a backseat because of the state of the local economy. "If you can't pay the bills the rest of it all kind of become secondary," she said. 

Huerfano County was once home to many coal mines, but most closed decades ago. Spradley said that's one reason she's concerned about the ballot measure that could severely limit the number of new oil and gas rigs in the state.

 "We are living proof what happens when resources run out or resources are not used," she said.

Spradley said the area needs broadband internet access, infrastructure, housing and good education to attract employers. "We don't want handouts," she said. "We want assistance to get where we can be."