Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 160 8 | Maurice Heikes

Maurice Heikes ranches and farms in Huerfano County. He said the area has had a "devastating year." 

"First we started with drought, then we ended up with a fire, then we ended up with floods, and then we just had a hail storm," he said. "So we're wondering when the next shoe is going to drop."

As Heikes thinks about who he's going to vote for in November's gubernatorial election, he hopes the two candidates will notice the hardship those disasters have placed on Huerfano and Costilla counties — two of the poorest in the state. 

"The tax base in the northern part of the state, with growth, is a lot better than it is here," he said, noting the effect the Gallagher Amendment has local government revenues. "I hope it's someone who can figure out how to sustain a tax base that's at least level for us."