Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 160 9 | Mary Samarzia

Mary Samarzia is a small business owner who also ranches outside of La Veta, Colorado. She wants a governor that will respect her constitutional right to bear arms, or the "Code of the West," as she calls it, and will also step in to help the area recover from last summer's massive Spring Fire.  

"It's too much," said Samarzia, who added that she nearly lost her ranch in the fire. "We need help. And we want to make this place better. It's beautiful down here, and very special."

Samarzia is happy with how President Trump has performed in his first few years in office. "We pray for him all the time," she said. "But we've got to get rid of the agendas and let's look at our country … I wish more of our senators, congressmen would start working with him."