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July 10, 2024: Connections between healthcare and Indigenous values; Encounters with Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty

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Portrait of Gunnison City Councilmember Marisela Ballesteros in The Coffee Trader on North Main Street in Gunnison, CO, May 25, 2024.
Ryan Warner/CPR News
Marisela Ballesteros is the first Cora member of the Gunnison City Council, at The Coffee Trader on N. Main St. in Gunnison, May 25, 2024.

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The Cora are an Indigenous people from Nayarit in western Mexico. Gunnison is home to one of their largest populations abroad. A new study looks at considerations they face with health care. And we speak with Marisela Ballesteros-- the first Cora member of Gunnison’s city council. Then, we get context about the ethics violation of a top Democratic lawmaker. Plus, meeting Rock 'n' Roll royalty with music journalist G. Brown.