Faceman’s Feeding Time

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The Denver group, Faceman, is made up of guitarist David Thomas Bailey, drummer Dean Hirschfield, and a frontman who simply goes by “Steve.” The trio has become known around town for extravagant performances filled with costumes, props, video clips and a supporting cast of dozens from Denver’s music scene. When they were recording the music for their sophomore release, Steve decided to reach out and see if a couple of well-known national bands would join them in the studio:

“I just sent an email - honest to god it, was that simple. I knew they were coming to town for their tour and said ‘would you be interested in doing x,y, and z on the Faceman album.’ And unbelievably, they not only got back to us - they emailed back - but they said they were interested in the music and being a part of it. For me personally it’s definitely something I’m going to look back on when I’m 60 and be pretty proud of”

That’s how two world-famous New Orleans jazz bands -- The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and The Rebirth Brass Band -- both ended up on Faceman’s new album, which is called “Feeding Time.”

The group recently joined OpenAir's Alisha Sweeney in our performance studio to talk about the album and share a few of the new songs:

Full Metal Jacket
High Gear
Drinkin' Time

    The group is performaing this Friday night, March 16th, at The Walnut Room in Denver.

    [Album cover art courtesy of Faceman]