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  • The problems that led to the school shooting at Arapahoe High School two years ago aren't unique. That's according to several new independent investigations. We explore the steps some say Colorado schools need to take to make them safer. Then, another challenge schools and students face: bullying on social media. A new play shows the pain it causes a teenage girl and her mother. Also, scientists think they've found a 9th planet in our solar system, but one astronomer says, "show me." And, why researchers are worried about a 1,000-year-old glacier west of Boulder.
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  • Lafayette Democratic lawmaker Mike Foote says offshore tax havens are robbing the state of millions in tax dollars. He wants the legislature to take action. Then, a new collection of short fiction by an author who calls his style "Chicano Noir." Plus, a new Nova documentary highlights how CU Boulder scientists quickly began to study last year's massive earthquake in Nepal. And the Fat Bike Championships are coming to Crested Butte this week, but not everyone's happy about it. We'll learn why.
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  • Anxious. Frightened. Angry. Those are words that describe the mood of voters this year. The big question, especially for Latinos in Colorado, is whether those feelings will inspire more people to vote, or to tune out. CPR News partners with NPR to look at the overall tone of the election... and how that may play out in our swing state. Then, in an encore presentation, ornithologist John Marzluff has advice on how to make a home for birds and other wild animals in the face of rapid development in the West.
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  • Mike King butted heads with the EPA over the Gold King Mine spill, and navigated contentious fracking issues, as head of Colorado's Department of Natural Resources. He joins us as he prepares to step down and take a new job at Denver Water. Then, older white men are committing suicide at staggering rates in Colorado. We ask why. We also take a look back at the Golden age of Colorado Radio. And, we hear how a galactic merger could uncover a new kind of black hole.
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  • Silverton is a town that resisted Superfund designation for years, now appears to be courting it after the Gold King Mine Spill. We speak with the editor of the Silverton Standard, who says a designation would address a whole cluster of leaky mines. Then, if you buy stuff on Amazon to skirt sales taxes your tax-free holiday is coming to an end. But why now, after all this time? We get your feedback in Loud and Clear. And then, Colorado businesses that deal in aging technology: A shop that fixes typewriters finds new interest in them. And one of Denver's last video rental stores seeks help in the non-profit world.
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  • Fewer sugary drinks, and less screen time. Those are just some of the new rules designed to improve the health of children at thousands of private child care centers in Colorado. Then, neighborhoods around the National Western Stock Show complex -- in North Denver-- haven't seen any major development in 30 years. It's something the city's mayor pledged to change. And, we ask Colorado's new state historian, Professor Patricia Nelson Limerick, what she thinks is least understood about Colorado's history.
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  • Today, the saga of Clarence Moses-El. He spent 28 years in prison for a rape he says he didn't commit. Key DNA evidence in his case was thrown in the trash. Then, something's missing from Colorado's workforce: People skilled in trades. We talk about how the state is filling the gap. And, a Colorado musician copes with a friend missing in the wilderness the only way she knows how: "I began playing to her every night."
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  • The co-CEO of Denver-based Chipotle made a mea-culpa on national TV last month, saying he was "sorry for the people who got sick" in a multi-state E-coli outbreak. We'll explore what else can the company do to lure back customers. Plus, it turns out good-looking women get better grades than not-so-good-looking ones -- but the same doesn't go for men. And, on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, we learn that he first heard one of his favorite gospel songs in Denver.
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