Membership Help

  • What is an Evergreen Member?

    Evergreen Members make sustaining monthly contributions to CPR, either from a bank account or a credit/debit card. Evergreen Members benefit from a membership that is always current and never up for renewal.

  • Can I donate a single amount that’s not monthly?

    CPR welcomes one-time contributions. These donations can be made either with a bank account or credit/debit card, and generate a year-long membership.

  • Can I switch my Evergreen Membership from my bank account to a credit card (or from a credit card to a bank account)?

    Yes, simply complete the CPR Online Donation form. Member Services will update your monthly giving based on the most recent payment method you have submitted.

  • When will my monthly Evergreen Membership donation be processed?

    Monthly donations are processed within four business after your initial donation is submitted and will continue to be processed around the same time each month.

  • How am I able to update my account/card information? (I received a new account number, my card was compromised, I have a new expiration date, etc.)

    Because electronic records can be compromised, rather than share banking or credit/debit card information online or through email, please contact Member Services at 800-722-4449 to update your payment information.

  • Can I change the amount of my monthly donation?

    You may adjust the amount of your monthly donation by completing the Change your Monthly Evergreen Support form. This option is only available to Evergreen Members contributing via electronic funds transfer at this time.

  • Am I able to make monthly donations for a set period of time (i.e. 12 months of donations)?

    While monthly contributions will continue until you change it, as a sustaining member you will receive a notice on the anniversary of your membership inviting you to make any changes. You may cancel or change your Evergreen Membership at any time by contacting or 800-722-4449.

  • Can I contribute monthly by check?

    Yes, CPR accepts donations by check from both financial institutions and individual accounts. Once your first donation by check arrives, your monthly membership will commence.

  • Is MemberCard still offered as a member benefit?

    In an effort to ensure that member contributions support Colorado Public Radio programs, the CPR MemberCard has been discontinued, effective March 1, 2015.

  • What thank-you gifts do members qualify for?

    Members can choose from thank-you gifts at various levels. Please click here to view current offerings.