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  • How do I donate my vehicle?

    Visit the CPR homepage, find “Support CPR” at the top and click Individual Giving. Click Vehicle Donations for details and frequently asked questions about our vehicle donation program. 

  • How do I find an underwriter?

    Visit the CPR homepage, find “Sponsor/Underwrite” at the top, and click List of Sponsors/Underwriters. Search for an underwriter by name or filter by category. 

  • How do I find something I heard on air?

    Whether it’s a specific news story, classical composer or the latest music, the search box at the top right corner of every page will get you started. Depending on what you heard, you may also consult the list below:

    • Colorado Matters: If you know the story you’re looking for aired on Colorado Matters, you can find it by visiting the News homepage and clicking on Colorado Matters at the top. All Colorado Matters stories are archived here chronologically according to their on air date.  
    • NPR Stories: If you know the story you heard aired on NPR, you can find it by visiting the NPR homepage – www.npr.org – and searching via the search box at the top, or by visiting NPR’s program tab at the top of the homepage. 
    • Music: Details about the music that Colorado Public Radio broadcasts are archived on playlists for CPR Classical and OpenAir. Visit the Classical or OpenAir homepages, find “Listen” and click Playlist for Classical or Playlist for OpenAir. Search the playlists for a specific date and time that it aired, by album, song title or by artist.  
  • How do I request a song to be played on air?

    We love getting song requests. Visit either the Classical or OpenAir homepage, find “Listen” and click Make a Request for Classical  or Make a Request for OpenAir.

  • How do I submit my music to OpenAir?

    Visit the OpenAir homepage, find “Music” at the top and click Send Us Your Music. This page includes detailed instructions for artists and labels to submit music. We give everything we hear a fair listen, but because of the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to tell you whether we’ll play your music or not.  

  • How do I submit press releases or media advisories to the newsroom?

    Submit press releases, tips and suggestions to the newsroom by emailing info@cpr.org

  • How do I support CPR?

    Online giving is simple – just click “Donate to CPR” at the top right of any page and we’ll walk you through the process.  If you’d like to learn about the benefits of donating, visit the CPR homepage and click Support CPR.