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  • Mark Coulter

    Vice President, Production and Operations
  • Irvin Coffee

    Digital Videographer
  • Daniel Costello

    Technical Operations Manager
  • David Fender

    Audio Producer
  • Matt Herz

    Audio Editor
  • Michael Hughes

    Audio Editor
  • Ted Kallman

    Technical Operations Specialist
  • Xandra McMahon

    News Fellow
  • Brady McNellis

    Technical Operations Specialist
  • Kim Nguyen

    Digital Platforms Director
  • Rachel Ramberg

    Videography / Photography Fellow
  • Rebekah Romberg

    Content Producer
  • Shane Rumsey

    Production Editor
  • Martin Skavish

    Recording Engineer/Audio Producer
  • Leslie Smail

    Social Media Manager
  • Kate Smith

    News Features Editor
  • Jon Zucco

    Technical Operations Specialist


  • Brennyn Buscarello

    Communications Coordinator
  • Linda Heider

    Listener Services Coordinator
  • Courtney Lee

    Communications Director
  • Kathy Pittaway

    Listener Services Coordinator


  • Jim East

    Senior Vice President, Development

Leadership Giving

  • Caitlin Murray

    Leadership Gifts Director
  • Sue Coughlin

    Senior Leadership Gifts Officer
  • Laura Hinken

    Leadership Giving Associate
  • Christine Tesmer

    Leadership Giving Officer
  • Joann Wooley

    Legacy Circle Program Manager


  • Jason Mohr

    Membership Director
  • Caryn Apodaca

    Membership Data Systems Manager
  • Andi Cimbura

    Senior Member Services Associate
  • Roberta Goodall

    Membership Assistant
  • Shannon Hopkins

    Membership Systems Specialist
  • Christine O'Connell

    Member Services Associate
  • Brooke Petit

    Member Communications Specialist
  • Justin Shoman

    Fundraising Communications Manager

On-Air Fundraising

  • Becky Morgan

    On-Air Fundraising Manager
  • Lauralyn Hogan

    Development Producer
  • Andrew Shaw

    Senior Fundraising Producer


  • C.J. Railsback

    Director of Corporate Support
  • Annie Campbell

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • Maria Ramon Cortez

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • Julie Fendrich

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • David Gomez

    Traffic Director
  • Mark McCain

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • Joe Pestovich

    Traffic and Underwriting Administrator
  • Karen Stern

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • Aimee Svenneby

    Senior Underwriting Associate
  • Julie Turken

    Manager of Regional Support
  • Jeri Yaussi

    Senior Underwriting Associate

Finance & Legal Affairs

  • Jenny Gentry

    Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Helena Davis

    Senior Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

  • Joanne Grainger

    Human Resources Assistant
  • Jane Taggart

    Human Resources Generalist


  • Patrick Neelin

    Broadcast / IT Engineer
  • John Van Milligan

    RF Engineering Director

New Media & Technology

  • Don Dixon

    Vice President, New Media & Technology
  • John Bigwood

    Senior Web Developer
  • Christopher Cross

    Linux Systems Network Administrator
  • Justin James

    Windows Network & Systems Administrator / Manager of User Support
  • Brian Quade

    Web Developer
  • Michael Weindorf

    Technical Support Specialist