(Photo: CPR/Meghan Verlee)

In our weekly round-up of news from the state Capitol, host Ryan Warner talks with CPR's Megan Verlee about the oil and gas industry's tactics in dealing with a raft of restrictive bills, how immigration advocates view the session so far, and the new elections bill that has the Secretary of State up in arms.

Bills discussed in this week's segment:


     SB-33 - Instate Classification CO High School Completion (ASSET)

     HB-1258 - Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act

     SB-251 - Drivers License and Indentification Documentation

Election Changes:

     HB-1303 - Create the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act

Oil and Gas:

     HB-1267 - Increase Maximum Penalty Oil and Gas Violation

     HB-1268 - Mineral Estate Disclosure Real Property Sale

     HB-1269 - Reduce Conflict of Interest Oil and Gas Commission

     HB-1273 - New Funding Local Governments Oil and Gas Development

     HB-1275 - Front Range Oil and Gas Human Health Study

     HB-1278 - Oil Spills Gas Releases Reporting

     SB-202 - Additional Inspectiosn at Oil and Gas Facilities


     HB-1293 - Governor to Create Executive Branch Climate Change Position