Freddi Henchi and the Soulsetters, "Dance, Dance, Dance," from the days of disco funk.

For decades, Colorado musicians Chris Daniels and Freddi Gowdy have crossed paths with their respective bands -- The Kings and the Freddi Henchi Band. Daniels, a bluesman, always admired Gowdy, a master of funk. Now the two are joining forces and mixing influences on a new CD, “Funky to the Bone.”

Gowdy has been a familiar star on the state's music scene for decades as a singer with the Freddi Henchi band. The band moved to Colorado from their native Arizona in the 1970s and became a popular party band. The “Henchi” part of the band's name stands for Marvin Henchi Graves, who passed away in 2009.

Chris Daniels (far left) gets funky with the help of Freddi Gowdy (far right).

Chris Daniels

Daniels ran into Gowdy several years ago and Gowdy started appearing at shows with The Kings. The next step was to collaborate on an album, Daniels says. “Funky to the Bone” combines classic Freddi Henchi funk with The Kings’ blues-jazz sound, peppering in Chicago-style horns. The album includes contributions from some familiar names, including Denver singer Hazel Miller, Carl Carwell of Earth, Wind & Fire and keyboardist Bill Payne of Little Feat. The national release of the album is March 2.

Daniels and Gowdy spoke to Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about trading vocal lines, the ups and downs of band life, and the funky flashback that fuels the new album.