Photo: Badasarian Family

This week's installment of  “Words That Speak to Me,” our series about sayings that make it a little easier to live life, comes from Lynette Badasarian, of Littleton.

"My husband, boyfriend at the time, ran late everywhere we went," Badasarian wrote to us. "I later found out it was a family trait to start [heading out] the door, only to decide that something needed to be done (his grandfather use to change the oil just as they were getting ready to leave for a long car trip only to cause a huge delay)."
But being just as known for her own punctuality as he was for being late eventually brought its share of tension. Badasarian recalls it all erupting one day when, as she describes, "I lost it." They were running late for a meetup with friends.
"We start to walk out the door when he stops, looks at the fish tank and decides now is the time it needs to be cleaned," she remembers. 
And then, from her mouth, came the words that still speak to them both: "Stop cleaning the fish tank!"
"This phrase resonates with me so much because this was such a sore point in our relationship," says Badasarian. "Being so prompt isn't always important and being late isn't always a good thing either. We met in the middle."

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