Dragondeer is a psych-blues band from Denver, Colorado whose reverb-drenched take on old school blues has the band making fans in both roots circles and indie clubs across Colorado.

In their first year, Dragondeer played the Nacarubi Music Festival in Big Sur, CA, Tour De Fat, and Denver's psych-music festival Gathering of the Clouds. They've shared the stage with the likes of Pegi Young & The Survivors, Futurebirds, John Lee Hooker Jr., Roadkill Ghost Choir, Reggie Watts, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Gringo Star, Red Wanting Blue, The Greencards, Wovenhand, and others. 
Frontman Eric Halborg mixed and produced Dragondeer's debut record in his home studio here in Denver. "We used quite a bit of the house and experimented with mic placements in old wood rooms and up staircases to get natural room reverbs," says Halborg. 
The album features mostly original songs, but does include a cover of "Deep Elem Blues," a blues traditional that has been covered by Les Paul, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Levon Helm from The Band, though Dragondeer discovered it because of The Grateful Dead.  They even used one of Jerry Garcia's guitars on the recording. 
"It's wild that I have Jerry Garcia's custom 1978 Veillette-Citron guitar on loan in my home studio right now. The story of how it got there involves Wavy Gravy's Hog Farm, Hells Angels, and an attempted yacht sinking (no joke). We were recording our own cover of 'Deep Elem Blues' when we came across the guitar and were fortunate enough to include a little of the guitar's mojo on our recording." Below is a picture of Dragondeer's Cole Rudy playing it. 
Eric also met producer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix) at a wake for producer Andy Johns in Los Angles. After listening to a few of Dragondeer's songs recorded in the CPR Performance Studio, the legendary producer asked him where their bass player was. After trying to explain that Dragondeer was only a three piece, Eddie said: "Well, I don' t know much about music, Eric, but I do believe you need a BASS PLAYER! So get a bass player and please send me the recordings when you are finished." Thanks to Eddie's advice, Dragondeer is now a four piece, and you can stream their debut album "Don't That Feel Good" in its entirety above.
You can get a hard copy of the new album before its release at the Colorado Music Party at SXSW. The CD will be packaged in 100% recycled, hand-numbered material with rubber stamp embossed art from Colorado's own Ryder Robison of pantherattack.com