One of the 24 courses at the High Lonesome Ranch dinner.

(Courtesy of Ashley Fees)

From soft-shell crab molded into the shape of a crab to desserts that floated to the table on helium balloons, the meal Denver Post food writer Allyson Reedy had recently was, she wrote, the best she's ever eaten. Reedy didn't know what she was getting into when she accepted the invitation to dinner at High Lonesome Ranch  near the tiny Western Slope town of DeBeque, but she knew it would be prepared by nationally known stars of the culinary world. 

So, can anyone experience a meal like this? Reedy tells Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner the answer is "yes," if you have $475 and some patience. These once-a-month dining extravaganzas are booked up until 2018.  

A view from High Lonesome Ranch.

(Courtesy Ashley Fees)

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