Contributions from individuals are Colorado Public Radio’s single largest source of funding. Network Partners contribute $1,200+ annually ($100/month) and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their philanthropy supports CPR's mission and vision, ensuring the future of Colorado Public Radio.

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As a Network Partner

  • Your dedication preserves balance, credibility and civic discourse through in-depth news; and arts awareness and cultural education through music.
  • Your active membership is an active part of a collective system to help support and sustain an enlightened and informed Colorado community.
  • Your leadership will help inspire others to share in your commitment to thoughtful conversations, ideas and appreciation of the arts on Colorado Public Radio.

The Positive Impact of Network Partners

Audio: Bob and Russ talk about the value of being Network Partners

Network Partners are invited to member exclusive events.

Become a Network Partner

For more information about joining CPR as a Network Partner please contact Carter Harris, Member Relationship Specialist at 800-722-4449, ext. 329. Thank you!

See a complete list of Network Partners recognized in the most recent annual report.

All contributions to Colorado Public Radio are tax-deductible minus the fair market value of thank-you gifts received.