Colorado Public Radio sincerely thanks those individuals who have made a lasting and meaningful gift through estate planning. 

Support from Legacy Partners helps ensure the financial strength and future of Colorado Public Radio. If you would like information about the many options available for planned giving, please contact Sue Coughlin at 303-871-9191 ext. 310 or

“I wanted to leave behind something that was beautiful. I became a Legacy Partner because I wanted to leave behind the inspiration and the joy that I have found in Colorado Public Radio.”

- Kitrina Bryant

Start Planning Your Giving

Legacy Partners

Sally V. Allen
Donald W. Alperstein
Max and Elaine Appel
Chris Power Bain
Paul H. Barrett, MD
Sonja E. Benson
Virginia Berkeley and Tom Dietvorst
Lyle E. Bourne
Dr. Sally J. Boyson
Elizabeth Bradley and Andee Rubin
Andre and Janet Branum
Taina Brin
Richard Montgomery Bruce Family Trust
Elizabeth Bryant
Kitrina and Alan Bryant
Gary Burandt
Monica K. Burkhardt
David and Elizabeth Budd
Donald J. Cato
Liane and Robert Clasen
Drs. Andrea and Ken Cohen
Tom and Noel Congdon
Robert Connelly
Kathleen E. Conway
Eric Michael Cornejo and H. Alan Arbuckle
​Sue Coughlin
Penelope S. Cunningham
Barry and Gay Curtiss-Lusher
Helena Davis
Cyndra Dietz
Edwin Dommreis
Suzanne Dysard
Jim East and David Johns
Janet Eden-Harris and Paul Harris
Todd T. Egan
Bill and Sharon Elfenbein
Sean Essex
Hollen Ferrendelli
​Rick Foster and Julie Waggener
Bernie Gardetto
B. I. Garlinghouse
Dr. Charles L Geddes
Jenny Gentry
Thomas M. Georges
Kathryn J. Goff and Harold C. Scott
Christopher Goméz
Luann Good-deCurnou and George deCurnou
Robert L. Gaudreau
Ron Guillot
Mark and Stacey Hall
Laurel Hammack
Dr. Earl K. Hanna and Rhonda K. Hanna
John W. Haralson
Dr. Bryn Harris and Michael Schulman
Pancho Harrison
Mike and Carleen Haselden
Estate of John Haverland
Paula M. Hein
John and Barbara Helfrich
Ms. Karen Hickey
Leslie Hilton
Kathy Hixson
John Hobson
Elizabeth Holman
Holly Hoting
Joanna and Christopher Johnson
Rusty and Doug Johnson
Thomas A. Johnson
Doug Jones
Colman and Marcia Kahn


​Steven B. and Sandra Phillips Kaye
Estate of Michael J. Klimo
David and Lori Ann Knutson
Tamara Krenz
Rajagopal Krishnamoorthy and
     Karpagam Rajogopal
Estate of Louise G. Larrick
Harry O. Lawson
Harley and Gail Lyons
Kim Lysobey
​Eileen Malloy
Sharon Malloy
Brian Wayne Mann
Jasmine and Ledson Martin
Randal and Jeanie Martines
Mark Masters
Melany Matheson and Eric Meer
​Estate of Robert Thomas Matschulat
Harold May
Gene McCullough
Jane McGrath
Lynda McNeive
Donald E. Melton
Dr. Mark and Mr. Jesse Merrill
Lisa Farber Miller
Sandra L. Miller
Balan and Joe Joe Nair
David and Anne Necker
Faye O'Brien
Tara O'Neill
Mindy Levy Pecker
Virginia and Perry Peine
Estate of Gerald Quiat
Marshall Quiat
Melinda Quiat
W. Gerald Rainer, M.D. and Mrs. Lois Sayre Rainer
George Rannie
Leslie C. Randolph and Dr. Brann Johnson
Jan Rauker
Nora Reznickova
Peter and Marinka Riley
Nancy J. Robitschek
Neil and Lee Roberts
Laura Roiger
Joanna and Mark Rosenblum
Annalee and Wag Schorr
Barbara Servis
Audrey and Ronald Sevalt
Stan Siefer
Frank E. Sitchler
Stephen T. Soich, Jr. and Leslie R. Soich
Elisa M. Speranza
Gayle L. Stallings
James Steed
Robert and Jill Stoecker
Robert and Margaret Stookesberry
Connie and Don Stoutt
Drs. Morris H. and Ellen P. Susman
​Chris and Christine Tesmer
Dennis A. Trescott
Buzz Victor
Diane L. Vliem
Susan Whitehurst
Lawrence Wild
Leslie Y. Wilson
Pamela Wilson
Eve A. Wood, M.D.
James Wood and Felicity Hannay
Joann Wooley and Kurtis Mitchell
Robert Zupkus


We also thank the many Legacy Partners who have chosen to remain anonymous.



“Colorado Public Radio and I have had a long relationship--it started listening to classical music in my mother's car and listening to the news with my father. Colorado Public Radio has had a significant impact on my life and I believe that continuing it past my lifetime will have a significant impact on others.”



- Melinda Quiat

For us it’s about sustainability. We want to make sure that after our deaths Colorado Public Radio would benefit. We are paying it forward so to speak and want to support CPR for generations to come.

- Alan Arbuckle and Eric Cornejo