Update 1:20 p.m. Fort Collins has agreed to stop "arresting, ticketing, citing, or otherwise interfering with individuals who engage in passive solicitation," according to the Colorado branch of the American Civil Liberties Union. The agreement is part of a settlement between the two over a lawsuit filed in February about the city's panhandling ordinance. The original story continues below:


The two sides had been scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday on the lawsuit but the hearing was canceled to allow the agreement to be finalized. The Coloradoan newspaper reports that the details of the deal are expected to be released on Monday.

The Fort Collins City Council reversed some parts of the panhandling law, aimed at stopping aggressive panhandling, after the ACLU filed a lawsuit. But the ACLU said the changes didn't address its claims that the law was being used against people who weren't violating the provisions of the law.