Last week on Mile High Noon, Corey wrapped up the year with a countdown of the top 30 albums and EPs released by Colorado artists in 2013. In case you missed it, we've got the whole list below. Check it out and keep up with all the great Colorado records in 2014 by listening to Mile High Noon every weekday on OpenAir 1340!
  1. Gregory Alan Isakov- The Weatherman
  2. A. Tom Collins- Stick & Poke
  3. Nathaniel Rateliff- Falling Faster Than You Can Run
  4. Paper Bird- Rooms
  5. Princess Music- Odobenidae
  6. Varlet- American Hymns
  7. Rubedo- Love is the Answer
  8. Chimney Choir- (compass)
  9. Candy Claws- Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time
  10. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds- Round and Round
  11. FaceMan- TalkTalkTalk
  12. Covenhoven- S/T
  13. Colfax Speed Queen- Satisfaction Intended
  14. Elephant Revival- These Changing Skies
  15. Fierce Bad Rabbit- The Maestro and the Elephant
  16. The Centennial- Nervous System
  17. Poet’s Row- S/T
  18. The Belle Jar- Union Station
  19. Wire Faces- King Cataract
  20. Spirits of the Red City- Jula
  21. West Water Outlaws- S/T
  22. The Changing Colors- Joan & the King
  23. Distant Correspondent- S/T
  24. Joshua Novak- Ephemeron
  25. Natalie Tate- Given Day
  26. The Patient Zeros- Polycardiac
  27. Josh Dillard- The Bright Light of Shipwreck
  28. Thee Dang Dangs- For the People
  29. School Knights- Lethargy
  30. Megan Burtt & Friends- In Good Company
  1. Shady Elders- No Favors
  2. Navy- Spirit Groove
  3. You Me and Apollo- The EP
  4. The Blue Rider- S/T
  5. Scatter Gather- How Did I End Up Here?
  6. Inner Oceans- S/T
  7. Confluence- I Haven’t Really Been Living
  8. The Outfit- Tough Kids
  9. Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir- We Believers
  10. Hearts in Space- The Truth You’re Hiding
  11. Tennis- Small Sound
  12. The Raven and the Writing Desk- Scavenger
  13. Wheelchair Sports Camp- Blank Space
  14. Bad Weather California- Back Seats
  15. Eye and the Arrow- If By Fire
  16. The Seven Hats- Scientific American
  17. In The Whale- Eric
  18. Patrick Dethlefs- While You’re Carrying the Wait
  19. Dirty Few- Get Loose Have Fun
  20. Glowing House- The Down & Out
  21. Instant Empire- Keep Up!
  22. Stephanie Dorman- Talking Sign
  23. Jesse Manley- A Path Through the Dark
  24. The Other Black- Future Soul
  25. Rob Drabkin- Little Steps
  26. Churchill- The War Within
  27. Pizza Time- Quiero Mas
  28. The Congress- The Loft Tapes
  29. The Yawpers- Good Songs…
  30. Indigenous Robot- Castles