A report on the unusual  Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna and its American tour, via CBS News.

Life on the road for an orchestra has its romance, but a lot of it is routine.

Play the concert, meet the fans, sign a few autographs, throw your instruments away and hop on the bus. Arrive in the next city, make all your instruments, play a concert, throw the instruments away.

Wait. What?

Why would anyone make all their instruments for a concert, then throw them away?

That's easy – because vegetables go bad.

Wait. What?

(Photo: YouTube)

Ah, yes: This is the Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna, and there's not a joke you can make that will hurt their peelings.

You might be surprised, though, at the high-fiber, low-calorie music they can make as a garden-variety orchestra. Antioxidants never sounded so good.