The United States Supreme Court, pictured above in the nation's capitol,  is the center of attention ahead of yet another highly-anticipated ruling. 

(Photo: Flickr/afagan)

In 2008, Colorado made history as the first state to reject a proposed ban on state affirmative action programs. Voters decided that race and gender should be considered when it comes to state hiring, contracting and college admissions throughout the state. 

Now affirmative action is before the U.S. Supreme Court. A particular case centers on a white Texas woman and her complaint of being rejected by the University of Texas-Austin because of an admission system that takes race into account. The high court could rule within weeks on whether programs like the one in Texas, and those in Colorado, are unconstitutional.

We want to know how affirmative action programs have affected your life. Or, do you believe these types of programs have held you back? 

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