People gather for a recent vigil to remember homeless people who have died in Colorado in the past year. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless/Jordan Loyd)

Advocates for the homeless in Colorado are coming together Wednesday evening for a vigil honoring the more than 120 homeless individuals who died in 2013.  

This year marks the 24th year that people will gather on the steps of the Denver City and County Building to light candles and read the names of those who died while living on the streets.  

"Most people die very quietly without any memorial service so, as a community, we’ll be coming together to recognize their lives, to recognize their deaths," President of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless John Parvensky said

Parvensky notes that rising housing costs in metro Denver are making it harder for people who have lived at the margins to keep a roof over their heads -- there just aren't enough shelter beds available.

Chronic drug and alcohol abuse is the main cause of death for homeless people in Colorado.