StaG visits OpenAir

After longtime friends Will Walden (guitar, vocals) and Matt McGuire (piano, vocals) left Southern California to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, the musicians soon transformed their dorm rooms into studios and adopted the moniker StaG. After self-releasing their gentle, reverb-heavy pop music, including the 2011 full-length "Rifle Meeker", and landing gigs throughout Colorado, the guys caught the attention of local music collectives like Act So Big Forest and Portals. StaG recently added guitarist Mac Welch and drummer Carson Pelo to the lineup, and the band is now working on its next album. They played some new songs in the OpenAir studio and spoke with Corey about the band's history as well as its future. StaG performs live at the Hi-Dive in Denver on Tuesday, March 20, opening for Portland art-rock group AU. Listen to the OpenAir session below to hear the songs "Too Late Now", "Wayill", and "Summer Foot".

Listen now!