Wax Trax celebrates 33 1/3 years this weekend

As a young teen, Ian O'Dougherty often begged his parents to take him music shopping at Wax Trax Records in Denver. When his friends recieved their driver's licenses, O'Dougherty then begged them until the day when he finally could drive himself. In time, his days spent in the shop would significantly shape his first band's style. "Uphollow's sound often changed drastically," O'Dougherty says. "One of the major reasons for that change was Wax Trax. We kept getting turned on to really good music, and we wanted to emulate it." To celebrate the local institution, O'Dougherty helped organize the Wax Trax 33 1/3 Birthday Blowout, which begins Friday, April 20.

Wax Trax turned 33 back in October, but co-owner Duane Davis proposed that the bash coincide with Record Store Day 2012. So they decided to celebrate 33 1/3 years... the same amount of revolutions per minute on a 12-inch record. The weekend-long event includes more than 15 local bands, acts and presentations at three different venues. And of course you can't forget the turntables. "In addition to supporting local businesses and local bands, the records are clearly the centerpiece," O'Dougherty says. "So it was important to me that DJs would spin vinyl this weekend."

Find the full schedule and admission information below.

And for more fond memories of Wax Trax shared by community members, including OpenAir's own Alisha, read this AV Club article that solutes the store.

Friday, April 20 at 3 Kings Tavern (9 pm): Git Some, Glass Hits, and The Raven & the Writing Desk

Saturday, April 21 at Wax Trax (noon): Coverage (Descendents cover band), Uphollow (90s era), Accordion Crimes, Wheelchair Sports Camp (90s set), Jason Heller (acoustic)

Saturday, April 21 at City, O' City (7 pm): DJ sets (vinyl only!) from Peter Ore (Soda Jerk Presents talent buyer), Molly Growler (Growler Record Store owner), and Paul Italiano (FashioNation owner)

Saturday, April 21 at the Deer Pile above City, O' City (8 pm): Magic Cyclops, Get Your Going (presentation by local performance artist and Warlock Pinchers frontman Andrew Novick), Fine Gentlemen's Club (comedy)

Sunday, April 22 at Wax Trax (noon): Swayback, Night of Joy, Reckless Nights

Sunday, April 22 at the Deer Pile above City, O' City (5 pm): Munly, Tom Hagerman (of Devotchka), Dan Landes (book reading)

Space is limited at these events. To guarantee admission to all sets, spend at least $33.33 on local music at Wax Trax and request a spot on the guestlists. You can guarantee admission to one of the shows by purchasing a CD or LP by a band playing that particular gig. If room is still available, Saturday and Sunday's events are open to all ages of the general public with a suggested donation of $5.