Lawrence Arabia – The Sparrow

by Kegan Warner
August 8th, 2012

Lawrence Arabia is the clever moniker of New Zealand artist James Milne. His 2006 debut self titled album was met positively by critics. As was his 2009 release Chant Darling.

Now, not long after the announcement of Peter O'Toole's retirement (the actor behind Lawrence's namesake), Milne is back with a new full length release The Sparrow. An album of gorgeous dreamy melodies that culminate its musical influence with Beatlesque swooning vocal harmonies and somber Elliott Smith like inflections and lyrics. The Sparrow seems to navigate decades of pop music while continuing to find its own niche in every song.

He also doesn't shy away from unique song titles. Early Kneecappings, and Dessau Rag are highlights. It's out now on Bella Union records.