David Wax Museum – Knock Knock Get Up

· Aug. 30, 2012, 4:29 pm

by Allie Wall
August 29, 2012 

Take Americana, traditional Mexican folk and beautifully blended harmonies and you’ve got the David Wax Museum’s fourth disc, “Knock Knock Get Up”. At the epicenter of the indie sensation are David Wax and Suz Slezak, backed by multi-instrumentalist Greg Glassman, who come together to create the eclectic, brilliant sound their latest album is comprised of. The musical aptitude and harmonious vocals are evident throughout the entire album, fusing classical Mexican sounds with the electric guitar, autoharp, drums, piano and the occasional clattering of a donkey jawbone, played by Slezak. Combine all that with catchy, earnest lyrics and you’ve got an engaging, upbeat and rhythmically sound album that sets itself apart anything of its kind.

With the occasional accordion thrown in on the track “Vivian”, listeners are treated to a tune so original and full of instrumental spunk you’ll be wondering what else these guys have up their sleeve. Wax and Slezak’s vocals come together in such a smooth, harmonic and electrifying way on “The Rumors Are True”, a great addition to a tune already full and poetic. The use of traditional Mexican instruments like the guitar-shaped jarana jarocha combined with the sweet sound of the organ and classical guitar gives the David Wax Museum a cross-cultural sound that is all its own, in the best way possible. The Mexo-Americana vibe of “Knock Knock Get Up” is rooted in traditional Mexican sounds, layered with an energetic maturity and heartfelt lyrics that is authentic and impressive all at once.

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