Fairchildren visits OpenAir

The members of Fairchildren often pull double duty. Sometimes triple. The local musicians have invested a lot in to the Colorado music scene and are well known for various projects, like vocalist/bassist Julie Davis and keyboardist James Han of the band Bela Karoli, guitarist Joseph Pope III with Born In The Flood, and Patrick Meese of The Centennial.

The four first played together while performing with Nathaniel Rateliff as the solo artist's backing band. And when Rateliff would hit the road on his own for gigs, the band felt compelled to start writing new material together under the moniker Fairchildren. With one EP under its belt, the band plans to release its second effort later this year.

Fairchildren shared some of those new songs with us while performing in the OpenAir studio. Corey Jones also chatted with the band about its history, the city of Denver, and the forthcoming album. Listen to the OpenAir session with Fairchildren HERE.