Legendary River Drifters visit OpenAir before farewell

November 9, 2012
Legendary River Drifters visit OpenAir before farewell

In the beginning, there was Dirtier Harryer: a name the Legendary River Drifters initially considered adopting for the band. Instead, the local act went with something that better suited its sound.

Now in the end, there is "Dirtier Harryer": the new album by the Legendary River Drifters, released November 10th in conjunction with the band's farewell show.

After years of rocking the Denver music scene with their distinct brand of folk music, the River Drifters have decided to disband. The decision was made on good terms, and the members will now pursue other projects.

The band recently stopped by OpenAir to play an exclusive set in the CPR performance studio and chat with Corey about the decision.

Catch the Legendary River Drifters performing live at the Oriental Theater on Saturday, November 10th.


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