Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

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Sallie Ford “Infiltrate[s] the boy’s world of rock and roll,” bringing her rock energy to the OpenAir Performance Studio. In addition to performing four songs from their most recent release, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside recall their 2008 convergence and formation in Portland. Residing in Oregon, Sallie Ford and the Sound outside have connections to the likes of M. Ward, Laura Gibson, and the Decemberists, but Untamed Beast has a sound all its own.

The band describes making this album, from writing the music, to the studio mishap that prompted the scaling of a ten foot wall. Free from their studio confines, the band brings the songs, “They Told Me,” “Shivers,” “Devil” and “Party Kids” to the Performance Studio.

Sallie Ford also teaches OpenAir host Alisha Sweeney how to make a “Greyhound” and a “Salty Dog,” rock star mixed-drinks for the band with a “rock star past year.” In addition to touring with Thao and the Get Down Stay down, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside have opened for the likes of Jack White and The Avett Brothers. Artistic pedigree, however, extends beyond Sallie Ford’s contemporaries. Her father, relatively well known puppeteer Hobey Ford, created the marionette for the band’s “Cage” music video.

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