CPR on Santa Fe a Big Success

The first CPR on Santa Fe event, OpenAir’s Singer Songwriter Showcase, made for a fabulous Thursday evening at Artwork Network on Santa Fe. OpenAir host Alisha Sweeney presided, Colorado artists Jesse Elliott, Esme Patterson, Patrick Dethlefs, and Jonny 5 filled the air with music and commentary. Tales humorous and otherwise concerning the creative process abounded.

Patrick Dethlefs talked about writing a Colorado song in Guatemala. Jesse Elliott (of Arklife, among others), put things in a humorous perspective. Esme Patterson (Paper Bird) hinted at a fascinating new solo album that sounds like an ultimate "answer song" project. And, just when the tone seemed to be shifting into deep personal introspection, Jonny 5 converted the audience into a beatbox, getting the crowd on their feet while pelting them with rhymes.

Toward the end of the evening, each artist gave their own spin on our 24-hour contest lyric jumpstart (“never say help”), taking an already turned phrase and pulling it into different, original directions.

Comments from the crowd have been great (post yours on our Facebook page!), it truly was something unique and fresh. OpenAir is proud to represent the collaborative spirit of Colorado's supportive music community. Getting such creative, different, and obviously on-fire performers to reflect on where they are on their individual journeys was truly enlightening. Thanks again to everybody who helped us pull this off, as well as our friends who ventured out into the OpenAir! Check out our Facebook album here and watch the "Never Say Help" performances below!