OpenAir celebrates a Colorado Thanksgiving

· Nov. 26, 2013, 10:52 pm
OpenAir celebrates a Colorado Thanksgivingmike 2

We like to keep the particulars of our holiday menu a surprise, but if you look at last year's playlist you can see a cornucopia of Colorado artists that is fairly staggering.  For example, we played The Astronauts, Churchill, One Sun One Moon, The Omens, Lizzie Huffman, Ending People, Mollie O'Brien, In the Whale, Kal Cahoone, ManCub, Radical Knitting Circle...and that was in one hour!

Midnight to midnight, all Thanksgiving Day, join us in giving thanks for this unique and one-of-a-kind Colorado music scene.  A Colorado Thanksgiving in the OpenAir!

And if you're craving for local music doesn't stop there, we're offering our new Live & Local, Volume Three compilation when you pledge to OpenAir! The CD features 20 songs recorded in the CPR Performance Studio from artists including Gregory Alan Isakov, Ark Life, Born in the Flood, Esme Patterson, Flashbulb Fires, and A. Tom Collins.  Make a gift of $60 or more to OpenAir and its yours!

You made it!

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