Best of 2013: Mile High Noon

Photo: Best of Mile High Noon

  1. Gregory Alan Isakov- The Weatherman
  2. A. Tom Collins- Stick & Poke
  3. Nathaniel Rateliff- Falling Faster Than You Can Run
  4. Paper Bird- Rooms
  5. Princess Music- Odobenidae
  6. Varlet- American Hymns
  7. Rubedo- Love is the Answer
  8. Chimney Choir- (compass)
  9. Candy Claws- Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time
  10. Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds- Round and Round
  11. FaceMan- TalkTalkTalk
  12. Covenhoven- S/T
  13. Colfax Speed Queen- Satisfaction Intended
  14. Elephant Revival- These Changing Skies
  15. Fierce Bad Rabbit- The Maestro and the Elephant
  16. The Centennial- Nervous System
  17. Poet’s Row- S/T
  18. The Belle Jar- Union Station
  19. Wire Faces- King Cataract
  20. Spirits of the Red City- Jula
  21. West Water Outlaws- S/T
  22. The Changing Colors- Joan & the King
  23. Distant Correspondent- S/T
  24. Joshua Novak- Ephemeron
  25. Natalie Tate- Given Day
  26. The Patient Zeros- Polycardiac
  27. Josh Dillard- The Bright Light of Shipwreck
  28. Thee Dang Dangs- For the People
  29. School Knights- Lethargy
  30. Megan Burtt & Friends- In Good Company

  1. Shady Elders- No Favors
  2. Navy- Spirit Groove
  3. You Me and Apollo- The EP
  4. The Blue Rider- S/T
  5. Scatter Gather- How Did I End Up Here?
  6. Inner Oceans- S/T
  7. Confluence- I Haven’t Really Been Living
  8. The Outfit- Tough Kids
  9. Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir- We Believers
  10. Hearts in Space- The Truth You’re Hiding
  11. Tennis- Small Sound
  12. The Raven and the Writing Desk- Scavenger
  13. Wheelchair Sports Camp- Blank Space
  14. Bad Weather California- Back Seats
  15. Eye and the Arrow- If By Fire
  16. The Seven Hats- Scientific American
  17. In The Whale- Eric
  18. Patrick Dethlefs- While You’re Carrying the Wait
  19. Dirty Few- Get Loose Have Fun
  20. Glowing House- The Down & Out
  21. Instant Empire- Keep Up!
  22. Stephanie Dorman- Talking Sign
  23. Jesse Manley- A Path Through the Dark
  24. The Other Black- Future Soul
  25. Rob Drabkin- Little Steps
  26. Churchill- The War Within
  27. Pizza Time- Quiero Mas
  28. The Congress- The Loft Tapes
  29. The Yawpers- Good Songs…
  30. Indigenous Robot- Castles