Wheelchair Sports Camp at OpenAir

· Mar. 12, 2014, 6:10 am

photo: Wheelchair Sports Camp at OpenAir(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)Self-described as "Denver's biggest smallest band," Wheelchair Sports Camp's music is anything but miniscule. Fronted by  disabled, wheelchair-bound MC/producer Kalyn, the six-piece combines hip-hop, jazz, rock, and electronica for a formidable sound championed by the likes of SPIN Magazine, the Village Voice, and High Times.

WSC dropped by our CPR Performance Studio for the first time before making the trek down to Austin for SXSW, a trip that will include a performance at the Colorado Music Party. Keefer spoke with Kalyn in between songs about the allure of hip-hop at a young age, crafting her own beats with a live band, and their SXSW itinerary that includes an official showcase with Sage Francis. 

Stream the performance and interview above!

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